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Ремонт холодильников lamash Why don’t you let bygones be bygones and forget about what he said? He had to eat his words after her report.
07:55 | 28.04.2017 Trả lời

Ремонт холодильников lamash A new car is high on my list of priorities. A new TV is not high on my list. Why on earth should I do it?
12:18 | 10.05.2017 Trả lời

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05:27 | 20.05.2017 Trả lời

Rrepair lamash I had quite a bit of trouble with that car.
04:21 | 29.05.2017 Trả lời

Mossi N lamash He is always on the go.
09:03 | 17.06.2017 Trả lời

Mossi N lamash You promised, now keep your word.
11:49 | 18.06.2017 Trả lời